Dr David McGrath

Dr David McGrath

Dr David McGrath

Spine Physician

Master of Pain Medicine

Dear Colleague,

This site is dedicated to excellent spinal medicine practice. In addition to offering useful background information I offer a continuing co-management service to primary physicians through my distance medicine facility.
I have developed a large number of movement routines structured in such a way that most mechanical spinal problems can be assisted. There are programs for most regions of dysfunction and pain, where surgery has been completed or is not a good option.
There is a nominal charge to the patient for this service which may be reimbursed through participating insurers. Medicare is considering new health care delivery systems as their virtue and convenience are being recognised. Distance medicine is especially attractive to country people where the cost and inconvenience of long distance travel to specialty services can be a large inconvenience. Fortunately we live in an age of broadband internet connection, allowing interactive service delivery.

Your role in thorough examination and history taking remains pivotal to patient care and management. All red flag conditions need to be excluded before a program option is adopted. Pain management and counselling remain your primary duty.

When a patient subscribes, a dialogue box will request primary physician involvement. Both youself and the patient may communicate through email or other channels. Many questions will be addressed through generic articles, but there could be unique circumstances,which may need further input. In the future, imaging studies, may be downloaded for more detailed examination and consideration. For the present, there is no capacity for such a high level of online involvement.

All movement routines have been videoed in small downlodable clips, along with clear explanation. The methodology allows the selection of low risk movement routines with signicfiant upside. All mechanical or geometric problems can be assisted.

I look foward to this new cooperative in medical management.

Yours Sincerely
David McGrath

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