Dr David McGrath

Dr David McGrath

Dr David McGrath

Spine Physician

Master of Pain Medicine

Dear Case Manager,

I have developed a restorative and spinal maintainence program that is easily dowloaded from the web. The cost of the various programs is nominal or very cost effective compared to direct consultations and therapy sessions. Patients are encouraged to maintain contact with a primary physician to monitor progress and make other adjustments, such as pain management and occupational advice.

Subscriptions are for a set period and renewable. After completing a simple online dialogue box, a code will be sent to your client enabling access to a selected program, available 24 hours a day. The format of instruction is by videoclip and detailed instruction to eliminate any confusion. There will be limited capacity for email enquiry in addition to an increasing information data base. In other words the site will be increasingly interactive to ensure steady progress.

This program is aimed at self reliance and personal responsibility.

Many people flounder in their progress even after a relatively successful intervention.

I look foward to improving your outcomes.

Yours Sincerely
Dr David McGrath 

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